At Water Sports Banús we offer introductory courses in different activities, such as Water Skiing, Wakeboarding or Kite Surfing. Below is a summary of each of the modalities.

Water Ski is a sport that mixes surfing and skiing. Participants ski on the water holding on to a rope pulled by a high-powered boat, performing spectacular maneuvers on one or two skis.

Wakeboarding is a sport that allows you to slide on top of a board while also being dragged by a motor boat.

Kite Surfing is a sliding sport on the water in which the wind propels a traction kite attached to your body by means of a harness, so that you navigate on a board on the waves or perform maneuvers in the air.

To take any of these courses, contact us through our contact form or by phone at +34 607 216 595.

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